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There's a calendar in place now, linked from the home page in the upper left corner.

It's a bit of a kludge. There's no decent/supported calendar plugin for the site software being used, so I just embedded a Google calendar. However, that calendar can be shared - so I'll make sure the mods have access to it to add/modify events.

Also, the calendar is public and is in the standard ICAL format - so if you wish to keep an eye on it outside of this site, you can do so using any compatible device/application (Android/iPhones, PC/Mac calendar applications, personal GMail calendars etc.) You can subscribe to it using the following link: ... /basic.ics

For now, if you would like an entry on it - simply post your event details (date, location) in the Gatherings forum, and one of the mods will add it to the calendar.
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